100% Pure Argan Oil


Often called “liquid gold” 100% pure Argan oil moisturizes and conditions skin while providing antioxidant protection. Argan Oil helps maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier with naturally occurring Vitamin E, squalene, and unsaturated fatty acids. Argan is a great oil for all skin types since it is non-comedogenic.

Our 100% Pure Argan Oil has a wide variety of uses! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Add a drop into your moisturizer upon application for extra moisture.
  • Create an extra moisture barrier by pressing a couple of drops into skin after applying moisturizer.
  • Add a drop to your foundation upon application for a dewy, glowing look.
  • Massage a drop into clean damp hair, beginning at ends, for added moisture and shine.
  • Massage into cuticles for dry skin relief.
  • Add a few drops to your body lotion for more moisture.
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